ActiveSync User Guide iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

ActiveSync User Guide iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

ActiveSync User Guide iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch
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iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Creating the account

The push email capability is easy to set up for an Apple iPhone ®.

Open the Settings window for the Apple iPhone ®. Go to Mail > Add Account. Select Microsoft Exchange as an account type.

Setting account details

Set the details corresponding with your account. Make sure that the username setting also contains the domain. For example, the username setting for an account called “[email protected]” will be “[email protected]”.

Email : [email protected]

Server :

Domain :

Username : [email protected]

Password : Your Password

Description : [email protected]


Push emails and contacts

You can then enable the synchronization of emails, calendars and contacts. After saving your settings, your Apple iPhone ® will attempt to synchronize emails, calendars and contacts.


This error may appear after setting your Apple iPhone ® for AtMail.

This error can in most cases, be ignored. The SSL certificate given by the Webserver could not be authenticated. Select ‘Accept’.

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